Dish cloths, anyone?

In the cold depths of this Minnesota winter, I’ve started building the inventory for the summer farmer’s markets.  It helps to at least plan for warmer weather!

First on the list is cotton dish cloths.  While not in my repertoire of alpaca fiber products, they are quick and fun and sell pretty well, so I buy 100% un-mercerized cotton yarn on cones.  Last year I knit about 12 cones.  Since those dish cloths are nearly sold out, I have 14 cones for this year.

14 cones of yarn

Yarn for dish cloths

I get about 18 – 20 dishcloths from each cone.  Do the math… that is a lot of dishcloths!

Up first is a variegated blue / violet color.

blue/violet dish cloth

Dish cloth

As I finish each color, they will be available online for $3.50 each.  They make great bridal shower gifts.  And any encouragement to continue knitting is much appreciated by me!


  1. love the dishcloths. I have that on my long to-do list of upcoming projects. It the cotton yarn on the cones thinner than the normal sold in retail stores?

  2. teresa says:

    If you are meaning the ‘sugar & creme’ sort of cotton yarn at retail stores, yes, this is much thinner. It is about the weight of heavy crochet cotton. Thanks for your comment.